Take A Tour of Crystal Cave

The one hour tour includes a movie in the Crystal Cave Theater, presenting the history of Pennsylvania's first show cave and the geology of caves.

Courteous guides will lead you 125 feet underground while displaying and explaining all that nature has created.

125' Descent Concrete walks and steel railings ensure your safety underground.

Constant 54° Inside the cave, the temperature is a constant and comfortable 54 degrees. However, a light sweater or jacket and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Crystal Cave Virtual Tour

Dripping water, rock and time... are the 3 ingredients needed to form a cave arrow pointing to cave tour

  • Cave Formations


    picture of pic of speleothems

    Dr. Ralph W. Stone, assistant state geologist, stated in 1932 that "Crystal Cave... has a variety and abundance of cave formations that make it worth seeing even for that who have been in other caves.

  • "Totem Pole"


    picture of pic of the Totem Pole formation

    The "Totem Pole" is a column that spans 14 feet in height. It is the largest formation in Crystal Cave and an impressive work of Mother Nature!

  • "Ear of Corn"


    picture of pic of Ear of Corn formation

    The "Ear of Corn" is approximately 5 feet in length. It is the largest stalactite in Crystal Cave. Its resemblance to a gigantic ear of corn is absolutely amazing.

  • "Ice Cream Cone"


    picture of pic of the Ice Cream Cone formation

    This stagmite formation is conical in shape and resembles an upside- down ice cream cone. The mixing of iron oxide and white calcite causes the rock to be discolored.

  • "Bacon"


    picture of pic of the Bacon formation

    Formed from deposits of dripping water on a sloping ceiling, these thin sheets of calcite colored by iron oxide are called Drapery, resembling strips of "bacon".

  • Natural Pools


    picture of pic of a Rimstone formation

    Calcite deposits that have formed around the edge of natural pools of water are known as Rimstone.

  • Crystal Formations

    Calcite Crystals

    picture of pic of a Calcite Crystals

    These crystals are made of calcite and are a brittle, six-sided, naturally occurring form of calcium carbonate. Amazingly, these crystals will dissolve in water!

  • Crystal Formations

    Aragonite Crystals

    picture of pic of a Aragonite Crystals

    Aragonite crystals are a sparkling, eight-sided, needle-like crystalline formation. The presence of these crystals proves that Crystal Cave was once filled with water - since these aragonite crystals must form under water!

  • Soda Straws


    picture of pic of the Soda Straws formations

    Soda straws are a unique type of stalactite formation that are thin, hollow-like, tubular, and very fragile.

  • "Lion's Tail"


    picture of pic of the Lion\'s Tail formation

    The Lion's Tail was recently discovered during the winter of 2017. It is a very unusual formation made of a ball of helictites. In fact, helictites are so unusual that, to this day, there has been no satisfactory explanation for how they are formed.

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